Where was the chaplain at Abu Ghraib?

When we interviewed US Army Chief of Chaplains Doug Carver, we asked him about the role of the chaplain at Abu Ghraib prison.  The interview was conducted in his office at the Pentagon in March 2009.  You can watch the full answer here (scroll down the page)

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4 responses to “Where was the chaplain at Abu Ghraib?

  1. alarson33@mindspring.com

    The above link is no longer active, going to a web page that simply says “mobileme is closed.” I would very much like to see this interview. Is there another way of accessing it, please and thank you?!

    • Thank you for letting us know — when you et a chance, please let us now which link you used and we can correct that. In the meantime, if go to http://www.chaplainsunderfire.com and click on Portal you will see in the middle column another link to the video interview with Chaplain Carver. I just checked and it worked on my computer so, fingers crossed, it will work on yours. Let me know if it doesn’t and I will repair it.
      Thanks, Lee.

  2. alarson33@mindspring.com

    Also, I read that prior to the Abu Ghraib incidents, the chaplains had been advised to keep a low profile. Afterwards, they were encouraged to be actively involved, including in interogations, and that the prison was dramatically improved by this. Do you have any further information on this? Please and thank you!

    • Please forgive me for not having responded sooner — I did not see your follow-up email. We heard the same thing you did and that chaplains were asking and getting more access. But I don’t have anything ‘harder’ than that, I am afraid.
      I hope you were able to get to the video through the Portal page of the site.

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