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Galvanized by the response to NCMAF’s use of excerpts and an additional short we produced for discussion, we are working on an extra-features DVD that we will automatically send out to those who have purchased licenses (yes we grandfather in earlier purchases).  Just as my energy was ebbing and I realized how much more still needed to be done before this was complete, I came across this in a post in the Islamic Society of North America’s blog:

The film clip “Chaplains Under Fire”, a documentary, that NCMAF attendees were given a sneak peek of, was quite informative.  Round-table discussions on selected clips produced interesting dialogue among the participants at the conference.  Chaplain Endorsers from different faiths agreed how important it was for the Chaplains to be available to all faiths.  They remarked that soldiers facing death, injury and hardship on the battle field need compassion and spiritual guidance from their Chaplains.  During these times, religion is universal, and compassion is ministered to all by all faiths.

Back to work….!

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