Discussion Matters

An Extra Features DVD is in development — we’re calling it Discussion Matters because it contains shorts geared to promoting discussion in classes, workshops, congregations, community centers, book clubs,….

This is still in production, but we tried one out on endorsers at NCMAF and it was highly successful (and we weren’t the only ones to think so… chek out our earlier blog).

The one we showed at NCMAF explored the “Perform or Provide” motto of the chaplaincy — perform those services and sacraments that a chaplain’s faith allows and, when faced with a request outside one’s faith,  provide for that troop by supplying materials or finding another chaplain….  After exploring some of the situations a chaplain might encounter, the short ends by asking viewers to consider what they believe as the limits to what  chaplains can perform when they are not in a position to provide — i.e. the chaplain is Presbyterian and the soldier Jewish and they are on a small post without any way of bringing in a Rabbi…


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