Interfaith Voices

One of the first things that struck us when we  embarked on this project was the interfaith nature of the military chaplaincy — chaplains of different faiths working together, chaplains of one faith ministering to troops of other faiths or of no faith…  So we were thrilled when Interfaith Voices expressed an interest in ‘Chaplains Under Fire’ and invited us for an interview along with Ben Sandford (for those of you who have seen the film, Ben is the Navy chaplain who speaks eloquently about, among other things, the intimacy troops share and the controversy surrounding prayer).

Interfaith Voices is a small, enthusiastic team that puts on a great program – you can hear the show on NPR stations around the country or (and this might be easier for many) on-line.  Maureen Fiedler hosts the show and is as skilled an interviewer as I have ever seen.  Her senior producer is Laura Kwerel, who has won well-deserved awards for her work, and  associate producer Lauren Talley.

When will this interview air?  The minute we know, you will know.

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