screening in Boston Sept 10

Start spreading the word to friends in New England: the film will be screened at the mary Baker Eddy Library on September 10 — Chaplains Under Fire, their announcement reads

 is a penetrating and detailed investigation into the meaning of military chaplaincy and its value for the servicemen and women whose spiritual care is their charge.

For some, this provision for chaplains in the military raises thorny constitutional questions on the topic of the separation of church and state. In an environment where men and women at arms find themselves in conditions which are at once thrilling and horrifying, dehumanizing and intense, isolating and bonding, concerns arise that chaplaincy can too easily stray into exploitation of the emotionally vulnerable and psychologically traumatized. The film treats these questions and this field of endeavor with care and journalistic rigor.

In a year where The Mary Baker Eddy Library is devoting itself to the subject of peacemaking, this event allows for a deep examination of the topics of “forgiveness,” “kindness,” “reflection,” and “understanding,” core concepts in the Library’s exhibit on Finding Peace.

The screening is open to the public and free.  For more details, click here

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