the clergy network Down Under

Intrigued by how an Australian Army chaplain heard about the documentary — and not just heard about it, but ordered a copy — we asked him.  “The simple answer,” he emailed us back, “is the clergy network.  I am a full time army chaplain serving as the senior chaplain to a training establishment.  One of my reservist chaplains heard about the film from another colleague and purchased a copy.  After viewing the same, he encouraged me to also view it as I had not long returned from a tour of Afghanistan.

“I want to thank you,” he continued, “for the openness and the way that the film deals with issues of defence chaplaincy, and the public questions raised in your country about religious services financed by the US Government.  We here in Australia have not yet faced such questioning in the military; however, our federal government school chaplaincy programme was recently challenged (unsuccessfully) in the High Court of Australia as being unconstitutional. Thus members of the public are watching this area closely.”

Some of us in the US, too, have paying close attention to the school chaplaincy debate in Australia…


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