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Great article in the Fay Observer today about the documentary and how Jaye White is using it to generate discussion of the challenges facing service men and women and their families.

One of the things that impressed Jaye was the way we handled the notifications process.  We had permission from on high to accompany a mission, having agreed that we would stay in the car and, in fact, hop out well before the team reached the house.  But the notifications teams on the ground  did not agree, and we understood.  It was one more variable they did not want to have to cope with during an already stressful time. The article inadvertently misrepresents this because we never did in fact accompany a notification team on a mission.

We spent time with many chaplains who performed this difficult duty and in the film we show Chaplain Dan Rice talking about the experience. And we will be adding this sequence from the film to the CuF videos we have on YouTube in the near future.  We’ll alert you when it is uploaded.


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