More about the PSFL program and chaplains

It is still not clear just how the new criteria for this student loan forgiveness program applies to military chaplains or, for that matter, hospital and prison chaplains.  There has been a bit of a discussion following our previous post in which a chaplain in training alerted us to this in the Huffington Post:

Daren Briscoe, a Department of Education spokesman, said via email that “many employees at faith-based social service organizations will be eligible for the PSLF program. He added that the latest document “did not change existing Federal policy, but clarified that individuals working at religiously-affiliated non-profit organizations who perform at least 30 hours of non-religious activities are eligible for PSLF, and that, consistent with similar long-standing programs, the federal government does not subsidize explicitly religious activity.”

Briscoe added that the department “plans to publish a technical amendment to address any ambiguity in the 2008 regulation.”

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