Impact of DADT on chaplains

With all the shouting back and forth over the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell and its possible effects on the religious liberty of military chaplains, it is refreshing to come across an article that reports from all sides of the issue.   Published by the Associated Press,  “As Gays Serve Openly, Few Problems for Chaplains” concludes that, while the dust as not yet settled, chaplains are figuring out ways to stay true to their individual faiths while supporting the troops in their care — just as they have done before on a number of other issues. Some chaplains belong to denominations that disallow women from holding positions of authority, yet find a way of serving both alongside and sometimes under a female officer. Others believe that abortion is murder and preach that from the pulpit while also finding loving ways to counsel troops who do not share this belief. Will there be glitches at times? Sure. Will the chaplains come up with an effective workaround?  We sure hope so.

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