To delve into the world of military chaplains is to find yourself one minute  face to face with a young man on suicide watch and the next minute embroiled in a heady First Amendment debate.   In other words, this blog is wide-ranging. We started it in 2007, just about the same time we purchased our cameras and got ready to head downrange.  For the first few months, the blog consisted of posts from Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq — you can still see these,  beginning with the process of securing permission from the military, through getting our gear together, to actually being embedded.  Unfortunately,  gremlins got into the system forcing forcing us to ‘freeze’ this blog, so you can hit “next” at the bottom of every post but in order to get back to the main home page you will have to retype the URL, www.chaplainsunderfire.com. 

There is more information about the documentary on the web site, but, basically, CHAPLAINS UNDER FIRE  is a feature-length independent documentary that explores the world of military chaplains through the lens of the troops they serve in combat and the Constitutional issues they raise at home.  Lee Lawrence and Terry Nickelson are the filmmakers, and the film is independently produced by IHSY, LLC registered in North Carolina.  


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  1. Bernie

    When I was in Vietnam the Chaplains were our lifeline
    It is my desire to help my Fellow Veterans.
    Please share this link.

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